• Brenda Kress

My gratitude to a stranger

There really are some amazing people out there who, in one moment in time, are a stranger and in the next, a new friend.

I recently made the decision to change my company name from one that I had had for almost twenty-years to another that better reflects who I am. Before filing for a fictitious name statement in my county, I thought I would check to see if anyone else was using the new name I had quickly come to like. Sure enough someone had it and their filing status was expiring in 2 days. At first I decided to just go ahead and file. It wasn’t like I was incorporating, just setting up a DBA. But that little voice that carries a big boom inside my head told me I should ask for permission.

So I googled the owner and found him on Facebook. I sent him a message and then went about my business. My guess was that I wouldn’t hear back from him. I was wrong. He emailed me back within a couple of hours of my pressing send.

In all fairness, the name belongs to him in our county, as far as I was concerned. I was only hoping he wouldn’t see a conflict if I used it. We had such a nice chat and he actually told me to go ahead and use it. We made a deal, though. If either of us “made it big” and wanted to incorporate or do something on a larger scale, we’d contact each other and release our use of the name.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but to speak with a stranger and come to an agreeable consensus based on what might be the best for either of us was inspiring. Think about it – what if we could apply that concept in dealing with difficult neighbors or co-workers. During that conversation, I had a feeling of connection versus it being all about me and what I wanted – or about him and what he wanted.

Thank you to my new friend, Allard, who has granted me access to use my new business name.

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