Sample Workshops for Nonprofits
Mindful Leadership - Creating a Culture of Compassion
90 minutes introduction sessions or half day deeper dives are available

Before Strategic Planning: Building a Team
•    Understand that we each see things as we are, not as things are.  Work through awareness building blocks and benefits using concepts and exercises 
•    Learn how to create shared vision before moving into strategic planning
•    Create your own rules of engagement for better understanding of roles and responsibilities

New Leaders: New Approach
•    Learn techniques for introducing new leaders through an understanding of organizational awareness
•    Get tools that will assist in these transitional phases so that moving forward there is less of a chance of misunderstandings


Organizational Effectiveness - Putting It Into Practice
90-minute introduction sessions or half day deeper dives are available


Committees: Work Structure or Creative Outlet?
•    Get tips and exercises that will assist with re-engaging/energizing your committees and volunteers
•    Create a structure that allows each to step forward with the best of their gifts and expertise
•    Learn ways we unconsciously block our ability to connect and ways to remove those blocks


Volunteer Engagement - Attracting and Retaining Engaged Volunteers

90-minute training session    


Stuck in the Middle with You! Understanding Positional Dynamics
•    Learn about the dynamics that impact how we interact with those we serve and those we answer to
•    Create greater understanding of how we can misunderstand or communicate based on our own backgrounds and positions in the organization

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