Definition: the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.


Much of our communication is through the spoken word, yet how many times do we really exchange ideas?  90% of what goes on inside of us is way below the surface and never makes it into our interactions, and that would include our conversations.  Just Imagine provides tools to have better conversations resulting in powerful ideas.

So many times we aren't trying to connect, we're attempting to get our perspective and beliefs across.  Somewhere along the way, we forgot how to listen to learn so we can find good ways to exchange ideas and see differing perspectives.  This takes tools and practice to be able to mindfully engage.

I have several programs that assist with starting this practice. 

Conversation Coaching:  Good dialogue takes practice.  If you need to have a conversation with someone, coaching can help you work out how you wish to engage.  A good practice of inquiry and advocacy, in a positive, compassionate manner may help create a satisfying outcome.

Compassionate Conversations:  By slowing down and allowing space to connect as human beings with a greater awareness of our default responses and triggers we can find that spot within ourselves where compassion resides.  Sessions are designed for gaining new tools and language, as well as time to practice sharing and listening.

Three Peaceful Promises: Utilizes three commitments we make to ourselves to create peace within our lives and in our relationship with others. Whether you are a part of an activist group, family or organization, peace must first begin with ones self.   The premise is “we are the world” so peace must first begin “at home” – i.e. within ourselves; so the emphasis is on practice and mindfulness of our own reactions to the world, not about changing or influencing others.


"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom".

~ Viktor E. Frankl