A Supportive Partnership

Workforce development is a huge concern in the construction and remodeling industry.  What if businesses could provide employees with not only a solid career and benefits, but also give them a place to work that supports open communication and understanding?  

Bringing solid communication and mindfulness tools into the workplace can:

  • Lower stress and create healthier relationships because employees are supported and encouraged to work through issues in a compassionate manner.

  • Assist in retaining employees (less turnover!) as they will be more apt to work in an environment that supports healthy engagement and dialogue.

  • Expand your possibilities by engaging the best in your employees or teams and coming up with solutions and programs that have been well thought out.

EMPLOYEE/TEAM TRAINING: Just Imagine can develop a training program that supports your monthly sales, production or administrative meetings.  This program will be designed with your company and culture in mind.  We become your partner in bringing out the best in each member of your team.

WORKPLACE CONFLICTS: These happen in almost any situation. Just Imagine can assist with one-on-one and team meetings to work through issues of communication and understanding.  I can also provide individual coaching to employees who may need additional encouragement to bring their best to the team.

Contact me today so we can build the team and
work culture that produces the results you desire!

“Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.”

~ Patrick Lencioni