About Me

Brenda Kress has trained for this role her entire life.  What role? Is it writer, entrepreneur, dialogue facilitator, compassion coach and mentor to those wishing to become mindful leaders? Yes, yet it is more. It is a questioner of life and imaginer of things that can be.  To look at what she holds as a belief, examine it and then talk to others to learn more about how they see the world and what their beliefs are ignites her excitement and passion. 

Through her company Just Imagine, Brenda brings together her years of experience working with charities and nonprofit trade organizations with her training in contemplation and mindful engagement.  After completing a two-year practicum in Contemplative Dialogue (a program of the Centre for Contemplative Dialogue) her deep desire became to talk about the important things in life with the understanding we each hold our own values as to what is important.  Working with groups to bring compassion more fully into teams and leadership as well as mentoring people one-on-one to explore their own assumptions and beliefs is what Just Imagine is focused on.

Brenda  currently serve as executive director for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), and served as executive director of the Sacramento Chapter of NARI for nineteen years. She is also on the NARI National Chapter Support & Growth team which visits chapters around the country to work with board and executive directors to help take their chapters to the next level.  In addition,she is the Executive Director and a founding member of Mercey Springs Foundation (www.merceysprings.org).

Brenda’s favorite topic to explore now is of death and dying.  This latest chapter of her life finds her combining her experiences with the passion to engage with others so she can assist people in becoming comfortable, and informed, about something that will happen to every single living being on this planet – death.  She holds sacred vigil at the bedside of those passing and is a compassionate crusader for the need to bring death into living – and talk about it!  Brenda’s greatest desire is to live more fully with the knowledge that death is a part of life, so embracing each day with an attitude of gratitude allows her to practice this belief.

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