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​Brenda Kress 

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Life has brought me here.

I have trained for this role my entire life.  What role? Is it writer, entrepreneur, dialogue facilitator, compassion coach and mentor to those wishing to become mindful leaders? Yes, yet it is more. It is a questioner of life and imaginer of things that can be.  I like to look at what I hold as a belief, examine it and then work with others to learn more about what they believe in.  Imagination can get sparked here! 


I have over thirty-years of experience working with nonprofits; whether as an executive director, administrator, volunteer board representative, or volunteer.  Nonprofits are my passion because I feel this is where great changes and solutions for our societies can be made. 


My company tagline represents three of my core values. 

  • Conversation: We need to talk about it.  Whatever “it” is so that we don’t believe the stories our mind might want to tell us.   Mentoring is a good opportunity to check out our thoughts.

  • Compassion:  We are humans, and our lives can hold many challenges.  Leading with empathy and compassion can open us up to very rich experiences and solutions.

  • Connection: If Covid and 2020 taught us anything, it was our need to feel connected.  To be with others. 

My life experience and lessons are my credentials.  I have much to share and wish to do so with clients that are aware of their values and we have alignment!

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