Awakening individuals, leaders and teams to the power of compassion

Would you like to shift your personal relationships from one of "we can't talk about anything anymore" to one where you are able to engage to listen to others while honoring your perspective?

Do you want to be a person who is obeyed or one who is followed for his/her compassionate leadership?

Have you ever thought about how much more effective your team or organization might be if you were able to fully engage potential beyond personality conflicts?


"Direct perception through the eye of the heart, not through mental reflection or fantasy".

Original Islamic context as quoted in Eye of the Heart, Cynthia Bourgeault

Brenda Kress speaking about experiencing life through the lessons of death at Sacramento Soul Talks (4/15/17)

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Compassionate Sacramento Launch!  Brenda Kress shared Compassionate Conversations with attendees

What some are saying about Brenda

"Our board of directors wanted to be more efficient by learning about roles, responsibilities and conflicts. Brenda worked with us and provided tools for creating greater understanding of how we could communicate for better understanding, which in turn allowed us to have a healthier relationship in working through our responsibilities and duties as board members".  Jay Nair, Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group Board President (2012 - 2017).


"As the first woman president for an association in a male dominated industry, I had the opportunity to work with Brenda in her capacity as executive director.  Her ability to lead by example, mentor leaders in a way that was empowering, and her skills at engaging teams really ensured that my tenure as president was successful and our association thrived".   Elaine Keane, Director of Marketing, Pacific Coast Companies, Inc.


Co-producer of the 2019 Sacramento Compassionate Living & Dying Symposium - with Joan Marie and Karen Jasper Wood